About Us


Boris Bandanas is 100% committed to making quality, durable products that will last forever. I am a Canadian girl now living in Denver, Colorado, with my husband and 2 pups. I started hand making dog gear when I couldn’t find anything up to my standards for my dogs. Made with the highest quality, my bandanas and biothane gear are sure to last and make heads turn. BB is a brand of adventure inspired products for your dogs. I like to focus on style, quality and fashionable products.

Some of my collections are only available for a limited time.



I am Sarah Boris, the owner of Boris Bandanas! I am a Canadian living in Denver Colorado. My managerial team is comprised of Ben, a 2-year-old great dane/black lab, and Ghost, a 3-year-old shiba inu.

We are dedicated to making beautiful products for the man’s best friend.


As a small business, I am able to spread awareness about many different issues going on around the world. Every month there is a non-profit organization spotlight where you can donate directly to the cause. This can be found under the “Donate” tab under menu.


Did you just receive your new boris bandana? Tag us or DM us a picture of your adorable pup at @borisbandana to be features on our page!