Sizing Chart

Sizing is based on your dog's neck size. We recommend measuring your dog's neck before selection a size. When in doubt - size up.  If you’re still unsure about your dog’s size, contact us and we’ll be happy to help. Custom sizing available upon request.
SMALL: 15" x 15" - fits up to 15” neck
MEDIUM: 18" x 18" - fits up to a 20" neck
LARGE: 21" x 21" - fits up to a 25" neck
*each bandana is finished with snap closures on each end*
When receiving your bandana, fold the top down to the desired length on your dog, knot and snap.
Harness Sizing
Use a soft measuring tape to measure the necessary areas of your dog.
Collar Sizing
To size the length of a collar properly, allow two fingers to snugly fit between the collar and the dog's neck. 

Buckle collars:
XS     Neck Measurement in inches: 9-12" 
S       Neck Measurement in inches: 11-14" 
M      Neck Measurement in inches: 14-17" 
L       Neck Measurement in inches: 17-20" 
XL     Neck Measurement in inches: 20-23" 
XXL   Neck Measurement in inches: 23-26" 
Full-Slip & Limited Slip Collars:

To size the length of a slip collar properly, please ensure you measure around your dog’s neck AND widest part of their head to ensure the collar will be able to slip on.

With a soft measuring tape:

1. Measure the largest part of your dogs head-around from the top of the head to under the chin

2. Measure wherever the collar is traditionally worn

3. As these do not adjust, please choose the LARGER of the two measurements to guarantee the collar slips over your pups head. 

Example for slip collar: if you order a collar for 17”, it will be exactly 17” internal circumference. Please take in account ears and fur into account when measuring. If you have a really fluffy dog, add a few more inches if you’d like to see the collar through it’s fur.

For any custom sizes please contact us.